Photographic Revolver

by In Constant Motion

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After In Constant Motion my friend Trask Dix and I played around with some of the old songs and wrote some new ones together.


released May 1, 2003

Benjamin Zeman - Guitar/Vocals
Trask Dix - Drums/Vocals




In Constant Motion Brattleboro, Vermont

In Constant Motion was a short lived, early screamo and post-hardcore band. Influences at the were bands like Saetia, Piebald, The State Secedes, Off Minor, Portrait, Orchid and pretty much anything off the Level Plane record record label. The EP was recorded in July 2001 and self-released. A couple thousand copies were sold at shows, online and at local record shops before breaking up. ... more

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Track Name: Photographic Revolver
You have your hands around your necks
I think you are all blind to that
I’ve seen things I’d rather forget
And I’ll hear the clicks oscillate

I am Photographic Revolver
I am automatic in structure

We’ll spark that memory
Retrieve that image

And try to forget all the things she said

We’ll stop the breathing process
In attempts to stop these complex
Ideas from forming words that
Could create a bigger mess and
My silence will stand for disgust
And i can't stand to discuss this
That was the last time i’ll see
His hands all over your body

I'm leaving.
Track Name: Won't Let This Die
And I'm sorry to say I won't let this die.
In time its all your fault, you stole my heart

Lost in. Lost in these.
Words you speak. Words we sing.

I don't know what you’ve been told (what did she say to you)
I'm the same as you.
Track Name: We've Barely Made A Mark
Dont ask me about forever
Because right now I’m feeling lost.

I cant seem to get this out
I cant seem to let my guard down

We’ve barely made a mark
No word on the plans yet
You know the real reason
We all feel so insecure
I’m not fucking around
Here goes my last try
I’m not fucking around
Here goes my last try to
Write something meaningful
And its so hard when
My mind runs blank
I’m frustrated

Staring at blue lines
On a white page
Feeling the ink flow
How hard do I have to press down
To make a mark on you.
Track Name: What Was Said Is Done
Every time you look at someone
All the time, this is all the same
All the same.

What was said is done
And what was said is done

So the rich side, is always
Cold, cooler and never in style
Its, its always
Something, if its not something else

When I get there, I’ll let you know

I’ll take the long way home.
Track Name: Stop Breathing
(Its so hard.) Its so hard to take down photographs
Yesterday I put your pictures away

(Its so hard.) And it hurts to read old letters

You’re running, keep running
We’re running, keep running. (away)

And tonight I’ll hold my breath
Long enough to stop breathing

Stop breathing. Always surrounded with things to remember
My last breath will. Exhale my heart and my words will be empty.
Track Name: When Folds Turn To Tears
Move over, there’s no room for you.
Take cover, these things werent meant for you.
We know it, better than you do.

When folds turn to tears
Track Name: Blindfolded
Blindfold your better senses, to blind you to yourself.
Blindfold your better senses, to blind you to your heart
I thought all you’d need is time, but your a stubborn girl
I keep pushing and you keep falling, farther from yourself

Farther from. Farther from your heart.
Track Name: The Same Old Patterns
This is what I wanted to say, the whole time.
(You’re fucking boring to me). You’re boring. Boring to me.

The more you say the more I feel this isn't okay with me
So lets get over this and leave
The dirty work to the dirty people
These corporations are built unequal
And I wish I could be proud to be American

The more you say the more I feel I don’t want to be the same as
Almost every single person here
Because they’re falling into the same old patterns
The patterns they weren't always after
But the 9-5 will give you that security.

We all have time to fall further and harder.

I got all the time in the world.